Senior Consultant – ICT Agency Sri Lanka

Senior consultant at ICT Agency of Sri Lanka.  Served as the Country Business Manager for Intel Sri Lanka and was responsible for achieving qualitative and quantitative business objectives. Managed Intel Re seller Channel Organization (RCO) membership program elements to drive sales of Intel products and ramp new technologies.  Leverages cross functional resources to build and drive visibility for the Intel brand in Sri Lanka in IT ecosystem. Manages relationships with the Sri Lankan Government and relevant authorities. Member of the Sri Lankan Knowledge Commission.



Inventor /Research Scientist

Sri Lanka’s most recognized and highest awarded innovator. Already won three prestigious medals at the innovatos competition staged in Geneva. National award winner in innovation. 25 years in Innovation, Technology Integration and Research. Senior Research Scientist and CEO at Hybrid Technologies, consultant- Nanotechnology applications, SLINTEC.



Senior Lecturer – University of Moratuwa

Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa and Chairman at Centre for Open Distance Learning, University of Moratuwa. Former Head of School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering at the Northshore College of Business & Technology, Sri Lanka. Coordinator on introducing ICT for BA degrees on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka. Over fifteen years’ experience of teaching undergraduate students in the fields of Computer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering in various IT related subjects and with Research interests of Technology based teaching, learning, assessment in higher education, e-Governance and ICT4D




He co-funded PickMe in 2015, the revolutionary app for taxi industry in Sri Lanka. He is with 10 Years+ entrepreneurial experience in tech-startups



Senior Lecturer – University of Moratuwa

Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa and Managing Director of e-Net Solutions. He is an inventor, engineer and a developer. Also a consultant to the Open University of Sri Lanka from 2010, and a consultant to the Ministry of Defense from 2007. Research interests of Automotive Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Electronic Engineering. Former Asst. Commissioner at Sri Lanka Inventors Commission



Senior Consultant – Strategic Enterprise Management Agency (SEMA) Sri Lanka

Director at the Strategic Enterprise Management Agency and is working on the sustainability initiatives of the Presidential Secretariat. Founding member of the National Consumer Network of Sri Lanka.  Holistic thinker, strategist, researcher, evaluator, policy planner, activist, development practitioner, educationist, techno-creative, artist, writer, media person and spiritualist and brings to bear his skills in anthropology, mathematics, IT, natural resource management, music and creative writing to the project of development.