These are the top eight innovations of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak Season one which was selected after prototype evaluation and feasibility evaluation rounds. Concept wise these are very unique and innovations are really for the actual challenges they faced by or known to them within their community. Amazing people with innovative ideas!



The vehicle with no steering wheel

A revolutionary innovation which enables a differently able person to drive his own vehicle. It is a slightly different kind of a vehicle which operate with feet not by hands. It includes a fully functioning accelerator, brakes and clutch, all the essentials for a normal vehicle operation. Although the vehicle can only run at around 20 kmph at a maximum level it is sufficient enough to be independent and handle one’s own work.



Smart Boiler

At present, industrial boilers in factories and production plants require manual labor in terms of operation and maintenance. This is a risk for the lives of the boiler operation workers as well as at times it can be a great risk even the entire workforce of the factory. Smart boiler takes the boiler operation and maintenance to an advanced level with its unique innovation. Smart boiler allows the user to operate the machine remotely through wireless communication and control panel mechanism. As a safety precaution if the boiler ever comes to an over-pressure state, steam would be released and the boiler would shut down automatically. Furthermore smart boiler comes with an app that allows operator to monitor the whole process of the boiler remotely.


Intelligent Solar Tracking System

Solar panels are typically in fixed positions. They’re limited in their energy-generating ability because they cannot consistently take full advantage of maximum sunlight. In this intelligent solar tracking system the idea is to increase the efficiency of power generation in solar panels. This innovation’s target is to increase it by 35-45%. The concept is to always make the solar panel perpendicular to the sun rays. In this innovation, the panels are able to constantly rotate and adjust its position via GPS location tracking accordingly. This solar panel system is ideal for commercial use such as solar farms and even for residential use.


Sure Cash

Sure cash is a machine which allows to detect fraudulent currency more accurately. It is a portable handheld device is capable of analyzing 29 security features that comes with document/ currency note detection. Sure cash is built as an affordable device with advanced security detection features compared to the currently available devices in the local market which could only detect UV light. In addition to detecting currency notes, the portable device could also analyze ID cards, driver’s license, passports and other related identification.



Smart Headlight Assistant

Driving at night could often be tedious and even frustrating at times. One of the reasons for this, would be flashing headlights from incoming vehicles. Smart headlight assistance is an electronic gadget which connects to the lighting system of a vehicle. Device detects incoming vehicles and by utilizing image processing techniques and analyzing methods, automatically dims the headlights of the vehicle. The device also dims the headlights if the vehicle gets too close to another car during traffic.



Easy Deposit

Easy Deposit is one of a kind innovation for an effective way of handling micro money and to encourage people to save money. Concept is similar to mobile reload system where one would purchase a recharge card from a nearby shop to reload his mobile. The difference in Easy Deposit is instead of reloading your mobile account, you will deposit money to your bank account. In Easy Deposit system, you need to buy an Easy Deposit scratch card from a nearby shop and SMS the relevant PIN code to a given number and your account gets deposited with the corresponding amount, just like in a reload card. It is natural that one would not take the hassle of going to a bank just to deposit few hundred bucks, however Easy Deposit allows that few hundred rupees to go to your bank account, rather than wasting for unwanted expenses.  


Cyber Dock

One of the common issues faced by smartphone users today is the problem of high battery consumption and performance. Cyber Dock offloads the phone’s tasks to nearby computers, thus improving the smartphone’s performance and battery consumption. Furthermore, this platform would also let you utilize those computing devices that you may no longer use on a regular basis. Cyber Dock allows a smartphone’s performance to increase as high as 22 times and battery capacity by 17 times.



Laser Drilling

This laser Drilling device is basically a laser cone centering device and is essentially form a conical laser path which is used to assist the drilling process. With these lasers, a user could also perform bore alignments. Additionally, this also features a leveling mechanism, one that uses a 2 color double cone alignment system.