1. Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak (KVA) – what is it?

Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak (KVA) is Sri Lanka’s first ever tech innovation and entrepreneurship based reality television show. KVA’s focus is to inspire innovative ideas with the power of technology for a better tomorrow. During the program contestants will compete with each other along the process of transforming your idea to a viable product/solution and further to a successful new business venture. Mobitel together with Sirasa TV launched this program in 2016 as a multi-season series. The second season of KVA TV reality show is launched in 2017 in a quite new style.

2. In KVA Season 2, is there any difference in the process than in Season one?

Season two is quite different to its previous version where mentoring is introduced as a key feature. Please refer the section “Contest flow” for more details.

3. Who are mentors and what are their role?

Well known characters from the tech Industry/ entrepreneurs who will mentor, supervise and drive teams and enhance skills of individuals in order to elevate the idea into a greater height. They will do the eliminations at the initial rounds to select the best fits for the main judging rounds

4. What type of ideas to submit?

Ideas can be related to any field, however we expect some technology flavor in it. This could range from simple techy gadget to a composite solution for a critical issue or something completely novel. We encourage to use new technologies like mobile, web, IoT, cloud, big data, electronics, NFC, virtual reality, so on and so on…. and come up with innovative products, solutions, systems, platforms, apps etc. Furthermore you need to pitch your ideas with a business sense in mind with relate to productization, marketing and sales.

5. What happens in KVA

Interested applicants need to register online and submit their ideas. After an initial selection process selected idea owners will be called for orientation session.

Mentors will select contestants to be mentored by himself based on a preliminary idea pitch and there after mentor those teams throughout the show to nurture, groom and advice teams in taking their idea to a reality. Preliminary eliminations are by mentors and main pitching rounds are evaluated by a panel of judges comprising of industry experts, entrepreneurs and academics across different industries. Evaluations of main pitching rounds are done align to various aspects such as product viability, prototype, business viability, marketing etc. At each stage teams will be further screened by the judging panel and will be narrowed down for the grand finale. At the grand finale the best innovation/s will be rewarded.

6. When will the registration start?

Registrations will be open on 18th August 2017

10. Are there any entry conditions applicable for participation?

There is an eligibility criteria we consider. Please refer KVA Terms and Conditions

8. How to register for KVA?

Registration is an online process. Contestants can register and submit their idea details by following the URL

7. What is the submission type, Individual or Teams?

Idea submission is individual basis. During the program process contestant can team up with other like-minded members at his/own discretion in order to build a team with a full range of skills in technical, marketing and business/finance angles.

9. When is the deadline for application submission?

Closing date of registrations is 15th September 2017

11. Can I participate with more than one idea?

There is no restriction as such, but it is advisable to carefully think/analyse and submit the best idea out of the ones you have.

12. What will happen after the registration deadline

Initial application screening process will take place and selected idea owners will be called for orientation session and thereafter auditions. The program rules and process will be informed during the orientation session

13. Is there a restriction in languages to be used in the program?

You can submit your applications in any of the three languages English, Sinhala or Tamil. However as this is a program conducted in Sinhala medium it is advisable to use that language as much as possible.

14. Is financial aid available for contestants?

Yes. In later stages the selected teams will be given limited funds to carryout necessary challenges of the competition.

15. Do we have to sign an agreement with any party?

In the registration process, contestants need to agree with terms and conditions of KVA program.

16. Who will judge the competition

Judging will be done by a panel consist of industry experts, top entrepreneurs and academics across different fields.

17. Where will program events happen?

Program events will mostly take place in Colombo. (Mobitel Innovation Centre, Trace Expert City, Colombo 10).

18. When will the TV show be ON AIR?

Await for details

19. What is the time belt of the TV show

Await for details

20. As a Contestant, what is there for me?

As a contestant you get a huge opportunity to be exposed to industry experts, academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs etc. You will also closely engage with program mentors throughout this period to receive guidance, feedback, comments on your ideas, innovations, business perspective etc. This will be an opportunity for the contestant to sharpen up their knowledge on building businesses and excel in it. Do not forget that you will be part of a TV reality show, thus your amazing innovations will be admired by all in the country.

21. How do you reward the winners?

At the grand finale winners will walk away with amazing monitory rewards.