Contest Flow

Kotiyka Vatina Adahasak is to inspire innovative ideas to address real life challenges through technological solutions. All contestants compete against each other with their innovative ideas in the process of transforming the same into viable products and potentially into successful business startups.  The innovations can range from a simple tech gadget to a composite solution for a critical issue or something completely novel and moreover contestants need to pitch their ideas with a business sense in mind with relation to productization, marketing and sales.

Season two is quite different to its previous version where mentoring is introduced as a key features. Mentors bid for teams based on a preliminary pitch by contestants and there after mentor those teams throughout the show to nurture, groom and advice teams in taking their idea to a reality. Preliminary eliminations are by mentors and main pitching rounds are evaluated by a panel of judges comprising of industry experts, entrepreneurs and academics across different industries. Evaluations of main pitching rounds are done align to various aspects such as product viability, prototype, business viability, marketing etc.


Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak Season 2 registration is an online process where the contestant has to fill in basic information and idea information along with a 60 minute idea pitch video. Registrations will be opened for one month period for submissions and deadline will be announced towards the reach of it.


Submissions will be reviewed and selected contestants will be invited for an orientation session where the program plan and other details will be announced.


Contestants who are selected from the round will be called for audition round. Contestants have to do a brief idea pitching to the panel and the pitching has to be focus, direct and effective to provide the details within a minimum time period.


A comprehensive workshop will be arranged for the contestants who are selected from the audition rounds to provide details and guidance needed for their next proceedings.


This is the round where mentors selects contestants to be mentored. Each mentor will get a chance to select limited number of contestants according to their choice. Contestant will pitch their idea to the panel of mentors where mentors can further question the contestant and if the mentor decides to take the contestant into his/her mentoring pool he/she will notify it immediately. In a case where more than one mentor is interested of a given contestant, contestant will be given the opportunity to select the mentor to mentor him/her.


After the mentor pitching round, selected contestants will receive continuous mentoring and guidance from the mentor. During the mentoring process the mentors will individually select contestants from his pool for the next round by taking into account the progress of the contestant in the process of implementing the idea. There will be two rounds of this evaluation.


After the mentor evaluations, selected teams will continuously receive an extensive mentoring and guidance from mentors. Contestants selected by each mentor will compete with each other during these judging rounds and there will be three evaluation rounds by main judges. Judging aspect of each round will be different and in overall covers feasibility, technical, business, marketing etc.


Contestants selected from the judging rounds will compete at the grand finale to be the contestant with “idea worth millions”